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Landowner Legacy Communication©

The Landowner Legacy Communication© program was designed specifically for private landowners – forest, agricultural, or recreational. However, the same principles can and have been applied to families, small business owners, etc.  The intent of the program is to encourage and help facilitate family communication. Family communication can aid in a smooth intergenerational transfer of family possessions, business, assets, investments, etc.

Why are family meetings important?

Clearly, any time there is a death in the family, an intergenerational transfer occurs. In addition to the natural grief that occurs, this transition is typically complicated by disagreements between children, loved ones, etc. Everyone will claim they know your intent, but do they really? Data from our meetings indicate that nearly 60% of attendees have not communicated their intent to their benefactors via a family meeting.

There is, and will continue to be, a large intergenerational change in private landowner assets in the near future. Do your benefactors understand what you want with your property … your legacy?

What happens during the seminar?

Allen and Ginny will present a plethora of information on how to conduct family meetings. Nearly all of the examples, pictures, and information used in the presentation portion are from the Nipper’s experiences with their timber lands and intergenerational issues.

Incorporated into the workshop portion are instructor led exercises. Time permitting, exercises are completed in a small group setting allowing participants to discuss their diverse family experiences. During the workshop, Allen and Ginny (and possibly some of their adult children) will provide support and suggestions to each small group to help make the exercises meaningful, useful, and practical.

In addition, the Nippers will provide a copy of templates used during the seminar so they can be leveraged to your family meetings!