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The best way to contact us is via email:



The Nipper’s adult children will also reply to you if you have specific questions related to their involvement.  Feel free to ask them any question where you feel an answer will be  more meaningful if it comes from the “next” generation of owners.  Their responsibilities to our family tree farm operations are listed below their email address to help direct you to their interests but feel free to ask a question on any topic.

Emilie:  emilie@landownerlegacy.com
     weather, data backup, GIS management, private landowner records 

William:  william@landownerlegacy.com
     soil & water samples, environmental issues, web pages, blog 

Weldon:  weldon@landownerlegacy.com
     property lines, hunting leases, growth plots, acquisitions

Elisabeth:  elisabeth@landownerlegacy.com
     teachers education program