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Ginny and Allen Nipper and their family are landowners in southwest Arkansas, north, and central Louisiana.  They are actively involved in the routine management of their land for timber production, soil and water conservation, and recreational uses.  The Nipper’s primary goal is to increase the value of their land for their own profit (sentimentally or financially) and smoothly transition its management to their adult children one day. 

Years ago, both Ginny and Allen experienced numerous issues with the intergenerational transfer of family land.  Some of those experiences still impact them today and will likely impact their adult children one day.  But, it doesn’t have to be that way…

The Nippers have attended many different conferences put on by the several associations they are involved in and support.  While attending some of these conferences, they participated in meetings regarding intergenerational transfer (i.e. transfer of your “stuff” to the children or other heirs).  Unfortunately, they realized many of the issues they, and many others, encountered could have been prevented with effective family communication.  So, the Nipper family began having meetings with their three children to discuss asset and property management.  Now these meetings are routine (a few times each year) and the family is confident that the intergenerational transfer will be much smoother. 

All of the Nipper’s experiences led them to develop the Landowner Legacy Communication© program in 2006.  This program is designed for other landowners (or families, family businesses, etc.) to learn how to organize and conduct family meetings. The Nippers have taken their seminar all across the country and used their presentations, examples, illustrations, and templates to help families begin communicating!