Dirt is just dirt, or is it?

Lately, we have been spending a lot of time learning and reviewing our soil’s (polite way to say dirt) effect on our tree farms and their timber crops.  Soil types, soil maps, site index, nutrient levels, erosion potential, suitability for supporting forestry operations, and on and on have been part of those discussions and considerations.  While all of those are important, and while we try to make sure everyone in the family has some knowledge of the soil, the one overriding issue above all the scientific aspects is . . . . . . . .

AR dirt under fingernails (3)

. . .  the dirt under our fingernails is the same dirt that was under the nails of our great-grandfather, grandfather, and father.  In order to make a living, both my family and Allen’s family for the last 75 or more years have worked the same soil we now work.  Whether they grew timber, cotton, cattle, or whatever is not so important now, but it is special to know that our hands are “soiled” by the same DIRT that our ancestors had on their hands.  And our children and grandchildren have that same dirt under their fingernails as well.

While dirt may be just dirt to some, this dirt is special to us!  And because it is special, we do everything possible to protect it.

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