Not a lot to do on your Tree Farm when it is cold and wet?

While the weather might limit some operations, below are things that should be on your “to-do” list for wintertime work on your Tree Farm.  They are on our list!  Some may be limited by weather, but most are easier done when it is cool and vegetation is not as thick.

        • plan and layout any new roads, ditches, and log sets
        • consider any boundary issues
          1. walk every boundary at least once every two years
          2. repaint as needed
          3. take pictures of corner markers
          4. take GPS readings at appropriate locations
          5. replace ‘no trespassing” signs
          6. replace / repair any fences
        • evaluate landowner plots
          1. conduct survivability estimates in recently planted plantations
          2. measure heights and / or diameters in older stands
        • spray privet with Roundup when weather is suitable
        • look around for things not noticed when foliage is thick; take pictures as needed
        • check for presence of:
          1. beavers / feral hogs
          2. endangered / threatened species
        • take flowing stream / pond water samples
        • check on hunting leases
        • reevaluate and mark as appropriate any special and / or sensitive areas
        • collect soil and needle samples for analysis
        • update management plan and records

No matter what or when you do these things, be careful during hunting seasons when in the woods.  Wear hunters orange to increase your visibility.

Don’t forget that involving members of the family with different responsibilities for those items on the list are an excellent way for the them to learn and to develop a legacy with the land.

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