Poll Results — What Does Your Forest Provide?

A post last month asked readers to vote for four of nine topics related to what they considered as important contributions their forests provide for society.  The results fell into three distinct groups with two or three topics in each.HPIM1532

First was timber products and wildlife habitat with 18-20% of the votes. Second was carbon dioxide management and recreational opportunities with 13-14% and third was clean water, erosion control, and paper products with 9 to 11%.

Individually the top three were wildlife management, timber products, and carbon dioxide management.

Thanks to everyone who participated.  It was certainly interesting to see how you view the contribution your forests make.  Keep up the good work of providing those benefits even when some have limited or no financial benefit to you.  Be sure to tell your story in your local community at the coffee shops, civil clubs, community meetings, and etc.  Just because you may be in a rural area not everyone will understand what is provided by your forests.  Feel free to use these results if they will help you tell your story, but I would ask that you give this blog credit for the information.

Image courtesy of NMS.
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