Tax Considerations Before the End of the Year

tax clock ticking downA few days ago, I received my copy of the December CAPITAL IDEAS, the newsletter of the Alabama Forest Owners’ Association, Inc. (AFOA).  There is always good information in the newsletter, and we have used information from their newsletter in our business many times. 

In this issue there was an especially important article for this time of year by Henry Barclay, III.  Henry is a CPA and partner with Lehmann, Ullman, and Barclay, LLP in Birmingham, Alabama.  Henry has been active in many forestry and landowner associations and is very knowledgable in forestry tax issues.

His article was titled “Tax Tips,” and a few of the headings in the article should be of interest to you — “A Word on Capital Gains,” “Estate Tax,” and “Points to tax form calculatorConsider NOW.”

I do not want to misrepresent what Henry wrote, and with his permission and that of the AFOA, you can click here to read his entire article.  There are topics in the article that you should consider for use and discussion at your next family meeting.  This is the type of information we recommend in our Landowner Legacy Communication© seminars to have in a “future family meeting” folder to help remind you of topics. 

In case you need the websites of the organizations mentioned in this post, they are:


Lehmann, Ullman and Barclay, LLP:

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