How Next Generation Can Be Involved (Part 2)

Everyone in a family has some attribute that can be used to benefit the family business.  It is a responsibility of the current generation to work with those in the next generation(s) to find their niche that can be of benefit.  I have explained in recent posts how our adult children have been involved in our family tree farms.

© NMS, 2012

Our youngest son has always had a knack for the outdoors and as such he is actively involved in those type of activities on our tree farms.  He has participated in many operations such as painting property lines, building fences, repairing rental houses, planting trees, assessing property damage, evaluating potential property for purchase, and spraying herbicides.  Because of his interest, one of his responsibilities to our family tree farms is to maintain the property lines that are not marked by others, to help develop and manage existing hunting leases, and to help maintain gates and fences to help prevent trespassing.  In those roles, he had the opportunity to work with plat books, map, aerial photos as well as deeds and leases in the courthouse.

Currently, he is a senior at LSU majoring in ag-business.  He has been able to utilize our family experience to translate into a summer internship for the last two summers at   Southern AgCredit and Louisiana Land Bank.  All of his experiences have lead him towards a career as a land appraiser after he graduates.

In my next blog, I will describe how our oldest son participates in our family tree farm business.

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