Need A Reason To Attend Forestry Meetings?

We enjoy working with forestry associations and attending the educational meetings they and others sponsor.  Our reasons are that we meet a lot of good folks and have made some new friends in the process.  Also, we get to hear discussions on new topics as well as previous information we need to hear again to help us learn how to manage our timberlands better.  If you are like us, it takes a few times for some of the information to sink in finally.   The opportunity to visit other states and other landowners’ tree farms are other great benefits we receive.

As we prepared for our last family meeting, we summarized what we learned at all of the meetings we attended in 2011 so the entire family would be aware of the important points.  We found in our notes some great comments by the different speakers.  Many of their comments illustrate the benefits landowners get from attending meetings, and a few of those comments are listed below to encourage you to consider attending a meeting. 

My notes were not good enough to have the exact quote and have a speaker’s name with each comment so I apologize to the speakers for any inaccuracies.

  • What is known today may not be tomorrow.  Meeting attendance can help landowners know how to respond to those rapid changes.
  • The world is run by those that show up.
  • You can only control what you can, given what you know.
  • Forestry is a delayed gratification business, but knowledge trumps delays every time.
  • Stay plugged in to learn.
  • It is not if you are right, it is if you are relevant so participate with others of similar interests.
  • The more you know the better you are protected against risks.
  • Forestry financial crimes occur because landowners lack knowledge and information.
  • Your management plan puts your knowledge to work and is your road map to your success.
  • Success is not a single event but the result of hard work and a continual search for knowledge.

Consider joining a local forestry group, your state forestry association, and a national forestry or landowner association and attend the meetings they sponsor and support.  Listed below are links to some organizations which sponsor meetings we attend and you could consider.  If you would like other suggestions, comment below or email me.

New friends, useful information, great tours, and active participation; what other reason could you need to attend!


Arkansas Forestry Association:

Louisiana Forestry Association:

Forest Landowners Association:

Alabama Forest Owners Association:

Texas Forestry Association:

Georgia Forestry Association:


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