Why You Should Consider a Consulting Forester (Part 4d) – How to Hire One … Discussions / Questions

In the previous post, we talked about the interview and how to set it up.  As we mentioned, you can pretty much set it up as you want.  We also recommended talking about a management plan.  Many of the topics below may be included in your management plan.  These can also be questions you ask before your final decision or can be for discussions once the forester is hired.

goals / expected activities

–         goals for your land and timber
–         projected timeline for all activities to address those goals
–         description and purpose for each activity that will occur
–         projected cost of each activity
–         expected income from each activity
–         expected internal rate of return for the activity or total rotation

location / maps / types of timber

–         property location maps, legal property description
–         aerial photos
–         tract type maps
–         soil maps
–         topographic maps

timber marketing plans

–         bid process that will be used
–         tax information / consequences
–         market projections

accountability issues

–         define expectations of the forester
–         determine how forester’s contractors will be held accountable
–         describe “hot” issues forester is always expected to address
–         provide timeframe in which forester is expected to provide services

general topics

–         land surveys
–         wildlife
–         water quality, soil erosion, and BMP’s
–         final harvests versus selective cuts
–         damage to the land by forestry operations
–         hunting leases
–         cost share programs
–         conservation easements
–         insect damage
–         timber stand improvement operations
–         site preparation techniques
–         fertilization
–         herbicide release
–         risk of timber theft and wildfires
–         supervision of harvest, planting, spraying operations
–         log sets and skid trail locations

This is by no means a perfect or complete list.  What else would you discuss?  Contact us or comment below if you want more details on any topic mentioned.

What else would you like for us to discuss on this blog?  Please comment, below…

This is our last post in the series on consulting foresters.  Check back soon for the next post on forestry meetings.

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